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  • Microblading is a permanent brow service that produces realistic hair ...

    2 hr 30 min


  • Microshading is a combination of both power brows effect with natural ...

    2 hr 30 min


  • Ombre Brows gives the illusion of a filled in makeup look.

    2 hr 30 min


  • Beautiful Brow Highlight

    30 min


What is Mircoblading?

Microblading also known as feathering, eyebrow embroidery, 3D Brows has become the hottest new trend when it comes to eyebrow tattooing. This technique uses a medical grade hand-held tool apply micro pigments only using the top surface or epidermis of the skin delivering a semi- permanent hair like stokes that looks natural. This technique can be done multiple different ways depending on client desired look and preference. Microblading,Ombre Shading, or  Microshading (Hybrid) brows all provide a different effects. This procedure does not require anesthesia but for better comfort we prefer to numb our clients. This beautiful brow reconstruction requires two treatments to get best results. After a 3-4 week healing process clients are recommended to return prior to 6 weeks for final touch up. Once your Microblading is thoroughly healed, clients enjoy pencil & hassle free brows up to 1 to 2 years.


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